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Damson Gin Jam

November 5, 2019

A happy accident… That’s what this is. A forgotten jar of Damson Gin, hidden away in a dark cool cupboard last Autumn, bundled into a removal van as we moved from one house to another in the Spring, and finally discovered on the cusp of another bountiful harvest. However, maybe it wasn’t an accident?

I’ve been reading, well listening, to Chase Jarvis’ book Creative Calling. Written to inspire and encourage people to embrace the benefits of being creative. I’ve only listened to a couple of chapters but I’ve never related to a book before like I have this one.

Jarvis talks about how everything you do in life is intuitive, through all the twists and turns, eventually you’re led to where you hear a whisper. You don’t realise this is your calling until you start listening.

I left uni and took the usual path of finding a “safe” job because that’s what everyone else seemed to do. My dream of being a photographer was an ambition, risky and selfish. So there I was, with my safe job, creativity being suppressed.

Three years ago I randomly decided to start learning how to become an accountant… That lasted all of a month. It wasn’t my calling. The next idea was to learn to code… because coding is cool right? That, also, wasn’t my calling. An old manager of mine encouraged me to give presentations, push for more responsibility and to reflect on myself, however, I still wasn’t on my “path”… Or was I?

The thing is, I was. Accounting and coding seemed random, they weren’t at all. The things my manager encouraged me to learn was character building. I just didn’t know it because I wasn’t listening properly. I was following my gut, making little impulse decisions but nothing came to fruition. It took a chat over a coffee with a friend and a departmental restructure for me to realise everything I’d been dabbling in over the years was me preparing for the calling.

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit… and the day you steep your damson’s is not the day you drink your gin. Normally I leave my gin until Christmas and it gets enjoyed over a number of days, if not hours. I made three jars, and forgot about one.

After straining and bottling the Gin, I had some very boozy damsons left. Loathed to throw them away, I added them to a pan with some fresh damsons and sugar and created the best tasting jam I’ve ever had!

I only managed to make 4 jars and after starting this book, I will appreciate them much, much more.

Stay creative,

Nat x

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