Codsall's Best kept secret: the medicine bakery
I must make a confession – this is another "Instagram find" and I’m not ashamed! Social media is such a powerful tool and, in a time when people, including myself, are questioning the impact of it on our mental health, these platforms are providing small businesses with a presence that they are missing out on during these current times.
So there I was, scrolling again, when The Medicine Bakery’s array of baked goods flooded my feed. I’d followed them the day before but got distracted before fully checking out their profile. Turns out they are located only 10 miles from Adams and as we faced a rainy Sunday morning, we grabbed our coats and headed out for a drive.
On their website they introduce themselves as “an artisan bakery and kitchen, café and gallery, which is rooted in its heritage in both Birmingham and Wolverhampton.” In 2011 the Medicine Bar closed but “Simon and his wife Francesca discovered a new trade as bakers, turning to a more rural environment to open their first bakery, deli and café in the village of Codsall in Wolverhampton. It is here they have honed their skill in creating authentic and unusual artisan bread and cakes, sourcing local, ethical ingredients, and drawing on a mix of influences from France and New York.”
As you drive into Codsall it’s not hard to miss the sleek style of the Medicine Bakery. Conveniently located next to a car park (always a win in my book), there’s only a short walk before you can fill your boots will all things sweet and doughy. 
I assumed for a Sunday there wouldn’t be much to buy, but I was wrong. In fact, I was blown away by the amount of options, products and delicious looking treats on offer. 
I bought a lot – 2 jam doughnuts, 2 raspberry ripple doughnuts and 2 honeycomb doughnuts, a loaf of bread and my first cronut (a croissant-doughnut pastry).
For us, the pinnacle of doughnuts is found in the Bakehouse in Salcombe – but on Sunday I found the West Midlands equivalent. Given we’re still not fully allowed out and about, it’s great to know there’s a bakery on the doorstep that can help fulfil my doughnut needs, and my appreciation for Instagram and the platform it gives these small businesses has grown!

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