From Tarmac to Tabletop

February 1, 2018

From Tarmac to Tabletop… It turns out I have been laying the foundations for The Photographer’s Table for some time. Having had an interest in Photography since a young age, I chose to complete my degree in the subject and continue to build my skills and knowledge.

From Tarmac…

During university I steered away from doing still life projects because the studios only had artificial light sources. I also loved being outside so I specialised in Motorsports and Event Photography.

Being part of a Motorsport family taught me so much about myself and my photography. I traveled all over the United Kingdom and Europe but unfortunately once my degree was complete it soon became apparent this was not a sustainable income for a graduate… As much as I wish it could have been.

My photography took a back seat whilst I focused on what I thought was going to be my life career. Recently though I have learnt that some jobs aren’t for life, so what you’re doing right now may not be what you’re doing in 2, 5 or even 10 years. We all develop as people and our aspirations change but it’s important to do what you love.

To Tabletop…

If you know me you also will know another love of mine is food. Not just any food, I love unique foods that are crafted by people who love their products just as much as I love my photography. I would sit on Instagram and Pinterest for hours looking for posts I could buy or recreate, but I never thought about putting my two interests together, until last summer.

During our holiday to the South Coast, the weather was a bit grim we were in the UK after all and I decided to see what I could create with items from the cupboards. The lighting was ideal from the big double doors, with the rain cloud diffusing the light perfectly. Natural light is as aspect of photography that has always fascinated me and I’ve always been aware of it when doing my photography.

I grabbed a black baking tray, a fancy spoon and some ingredients and set up my mini studio on the kitchen table. I’d seen a similar idea on Pinterest so I aimed to mimic that in my composition.

That was it, I was hooked again. I had another field that I could explore, one that combined my favourite interests. From there I started to hoard props and create backgrounds. I dragged my boyfriend, Adam, around antique shops and Ikea to find what I wanted. With quite a few props ready to I started creating images and sharing them on social media.

Welcome to The Photographer’s Table!

Six months on and I’m here… Launching my blog, ready to share with you my photographs, stories and recipes created by myself and my foodie inspirations.

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Happy eating!


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