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On Location with A Fishy Business

September 21, 2020

Every time we go on holiday I have a photography project in mind and this year I really wanted to capture a fisherman bringing in his catch. So I got in touch with Sophie at A Fishy Business and she very kindly said I could come down when Chris returned from checking the lobster pots.

A Fishy Business

A Fishy Business is setup in an old fisherman’s lockup on Victoria Quay in Salcombe. It’s the most beautiful rustic lockup you will ever see! The doors are aged with a fresh coat of light blue paint, lobster pots and flowers surround the door and a few feet away people are catching their very own crabs!

The Shoot

Chris was due to come in around 6, just as the tide was coming in.  The sun was beginning to set as he moored up at the steps across from the lockup but this just made the colours of Salcombe and the sea pop! I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Shooting from the steps, as low as I could go without ending up in the water, I photographed Chris sorting through his catch of lobsters and crabs, ensuring any female lobsters with eggs were returned to the sea, and any crabs were ‘French Nicked‘. Nicking involves severing the tendon at the base of the pincers of each claw, so that the pincers are rendered powerless. Chris and Sophie explained this technique to me as I watched and photographed.

This was like Christmas for me… Meeting local people, who are passionate and knowledgeable about their craft, learning about them and what they and being able to photograph it in stunning light. It’s the dream and I’m so happy with the images!

A huge thank you to Sophie, Chris and Millie for helping me out with my project. To see the images, please click here.

Catch you soon,


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