Will Cycle For Food: Cafe No.5, Kinver
I was scrolling through Instagram when the biggest, crispiest looking chicken burger caught my attention. I instantly stopped to read the caption - “Kinver Fried Chicken”. I scrolled through the comments to find out if what I was seeing was truly as good as it looked. The first comment read “the best fried chicken ever” and the rest confirmed it.
Kinver is a small village in South Staffordshire, conveniently located approximately 10 miles from Adams house, and home to Cafe No. 5 - a new coffee shop selling local food and drink. I’d somehow come across them in the weeks prior to that post but there was something about that fried chicken that I couldn’t forget.
My eyes widened when Adam suggested we go out for a bike ride and asked me if I had anywhere in mind to go. I showed him the post, quickly locating it in my saved items. He was impressed and with the route taking us down the “cut”, he had no objections. For those of you not located in the West Midlands, the “cut” is the local term for the canal.
Two days prior to our ride I had my covid vaccine so it was fair to say I was a little drained. The first 2 miles of our ride was tough. I ached and felt lethargic but the chicken spurred me on. Only 8 miles to go.
It wasn’t long before we were on the tow path and into an environment I have never ridden before. I spent the first 4 miles petrified I was going to fall into the canal. The path was muddy, slippy and bumpy - perfect for my mountain bike but not so much my balance. I kept saying to myself that it wouldn’t be long and we’d be back onto the roads and closer to the cafe.
It turns out the tow path took us all the way into Kinver but thankfully I started to gain confidence as the path got wider. I enjoyed seeing a different lifestyle of the people who live along the cut. Fisherman and walkers said hello, other cyclists nodded in that respectful way they do and I got chased by a Canadian Goose; not something I ever imagined would happen!
We rode into Kinver and walked our bikes down the shopping arcade to the cafe. I donned my mask and went to place my order; two Kinver Honey Fried Chicken Burgers and a Rhubarb and Custard Doughnut.
I’d also seen the doughnut on Instagram and decided that I needed extra substance to get me the 10 miles back home. It was a good choice - tart strewed rhubarb, thick creamy custard and a light doughnut that had been brûlée’d. Perfection!
But the doughnut wasn’t the reason we rode there, the burger was. “Oh my god” and “this is epic” were the phrases that came from Adam as he excitedly tucked in. I eagerly sorted my bike and helmet before opening the box. It was huge and I could barley pick it up.
Losing all my manners I shoved the burger, still in its box but slightly tilted, into my mouth. The comments were right, this was amazing and hands down the best fried chicken I’d ever eaten. Accompanied with a brioche bun, creamy ranch style dressing and simple shredded lettuce this burger was worth the bike ride. Although it was huge, I managed to devour it quickly with one eye on my bike and the other on the burger. 
We stood in awe once we finished wondering how long we should wait before cycling back. I checked my watch and realised the F1 started in just over an hour, and with it taking us 90 minutes to get to Kinver, we quickly headed back. This is not something I recommend! The ride back was bumpy and I relished every second I could extend my torso. 
There must have been something in that burger though as we made it home in just under an hour. Exhausted and full we collapsed onto the sofa, still in our cycling gear, and revelled at what was our first "Will Cycle for Food" trip.
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