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I began The Photographer’s Table as a platform to share my passion for food, and my passion for sustainability, heritage and culture. Storytelling is a key part of my photography, and is emphasised through the relationships of the clients I works with. Understanding the journey and emotion of those behind the dishes and brands are just as much a part of the image as the subject, and I enjoy exploring these concepts throughout my work.
I understand that in many cases hiring a professional photographer is an expendable, but when it comes to marketing a business photography is a powerful, versatile form of content that can be used to make a website or social media infinitely more engaging.
My passion and determination for innovative food photography has helped me create strong networks within the industry and has provided me with the opportunity to work with leading brands and chefs, supporting them on their journey and capturing their story. Rather than offering a one cost fits all price list, I prefer to tailor packages and plans to support any business.
If you’re a business or producer who is looking to build your brand or to tell your story and you want someone who can capture authentic images that show off not only your products, but your personality and the story behind them, please read on and be sure to get in contact.
I’ve worked with Nat for nearly 3 years and what’s great about her is her ability to make what she’s photographing look completely natural but incredible. What I also love is that she’s managed to tap into exactly how I wanted the project to look and not only that, it stands alone in look and feel. She’s incredibly talented and I count myself as very lucky to be one of the first to work with her.​​​​​​​
James Sherwin - Chef Patron - Wild Shropshire
How Can I Help
Food Photography
My passion for food and its producers, terroir & seasonality has lent its hand when it comes to my photography. I aim to bring your products to life and capture the ethos of your brand.
Food Styling
Being able to photograph and style food together means I understand how your product is represented in the image and how to reflect your story. I own a varied selection of props meaning I’m able to achieve the right style for you.
Location Photography
Your environment is part of your story. Whether it be in a restaurant or on a farm, you can engage your customers by showing behind-the-scenes images that can introduce a face behind your brand. I have a great and genuine interest getting to know people, understanding them, and when visiting you this is captured within my work. See some of my work here.
Book Design
Some stories need to be written down and, along with my photography skills, I have design skills, publishing and printing to help you go from screen to paper. Find my latest book design here. 
How It Works
I work with you to define a project brief – including budgets, time frames, and other details.
I then take that information and develop a bespoke package to suit your needs. We then review the package and tweak to ensure it’s best suited for your project.
I produce your content at my studio or on location. After post-processing, the images/content will be supplied to you to pick your favourites and those that best suit your project goals.
Finally, I send over your high resolution, professional photographs and you get great content that you can publish and share with your community.
Nat is an incredibly talented, professional photographer. I have worked with her on numerous occasions where I have needed product images for my honey ecommerce website. 

Nat is naturally artistic and has an excellent eye for photo composition. The photos she produced for us just have that 'wow' factor. The first thing people say when they see our images isnt, 'oooh I bet that honey tastes nice', they ask - 'who took these photos, they are brilliant?!' 

Nat is a pleasure to work with. We always agree a realistic budget and schedule and she never fails to deliver to time, budget and quality. We will continue to use Nat for all of our photography requirements and recommend her to businesses who need someone to make their products come to life!​​​​​​​
Laurence Edwards - Owner & Bee Keeper - Black Mountain Honey
If you think I’d be the right person to help you with your project, I would love for you to get in touch!
Thank you!
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